We saw two geyers erupt at Yellowstone National Park. Geysers bubble a lot before they erupt and they shoot up boiling hot water that can burn your skin. Even in the coldest conditions it can squirt up boiling hot water. We saw some geysers that used to squirt water up to 50m in the air but now they don’t but they may again in the future. We saw the Sulphur Cauldron which is a mud pool that can melt flesh and it has the lowest pH (it is very acidic). We also saw the mud volcano which smells like rotten eggs every time the breeze made it whiff up your nose, it was very unpleasant.


Gummy Bears

At rock climbing camp my friend Marley taught me this song.

A,B, C, D, E, F, G,

Gummy Bears are chasing me

One is red, one is blue,

One is peeing on my shoe,

Now I’m running for my life because the red one has a knife,

Now I’m running even faster because the blue one has a blaster,


Rock Climbing Camp

It is the summer school holidays here and I made a new friend on my rock climbing camp. I have climbed a crack. I am learning to belay and I know about the EARNEST anchor.

E is for equalised

A is for angle

R is for redundant

N E is for non extended

S strong

T timely


Boulder Mall

We saw a street performer in the Boulder mall. He juggled fire sticks on a unicycle 🙀🔥💥😎👱‍♂️🌲☄️💕.  Later on, we saw another street performer who was in a straight jacket and chains. He balanced on a board and then got out of the straight jacket and chains. I had a play at the rocks in Boulder mall.