Bike 🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️

We went from our house 🏡 to the Harlow Platts park. It was HOT 💥🔥☄️🙀😭😩🤯😰!!!!!!! We had a picnic in the shade. We practiced throwing at a target 🎯. We bought a baby watermelon 🍉 from King Soopers, the supermarket, on the way home. We saw some guys throwing a tennis 🎾 ball. We also saw a Dog 🐶 SLIDING Down a Slide. Yesterday we went to a really cool 😎 water 💦 park. It was a lot of fun but I had to ride home with wet clothes.

Cool 😎 Day

We went to a really cool and lovely 😊 cafe. I had a chocolate milkshake today and I shared with mummy and Daddy. We took the bikes with us. We met up with dad and had lunch 🥙 with him. We went for a ride. There was a library 📚 next to the playground. There was a giant thunder and lightning 🌩 storm ⛈ last night and the underpasses were closed because they were flooded .

Moab madness, get wrecked !!

Monday May 7

1 am: sleeping 💤

7 a.m. Breakfast = toast, honey 🍯, banana 🍌, coffee ☕️ + Milo

08:15:31: Red Bull Rampage + coffee ☕️ + Milo…

09:17:28: Red Bull Rampage + coffee ☕️ + Milo…

10:30 🕥: pick up Rental bikes 🏍, hit trails

11:00: ezy lazy loop Lazy EZ

12:00 north 40 loop North 40

1:30 🕜: 6.1 ounces orange 🍊 and pineapple 🍍 frozen yogurt 🍦 icecream 🍨